Day - 7 

Leh - Khardungla - Leh

Day - 6

Pang to Leh

Last night I was unable to sleep properly due less oxygen. Woke up at 5 a.m and got out of the tent. It was fog all over and chilling wind just passing through.

Bikes refused to start in first go, then we pushed the bikes to few meter and boom, It started. Had breakfast and left the place with so much energy and happiness in eyes. Yes, today we will reach Leh (The Dream Destination).

We hit more plains (50 kms straight patch of tarmac with blue sky and wildlife around) before the almighty TanglangLa. This is the 2nd Highest pass in the world and was full of black ice, slush and hight was too steep that our bike refused to maintain the last 3 kms where we need maximum momentum. Some how I drag the Bike manually. I was anxious due to not able to breathe. We crossed the pass and what we saw is Black smooth Tarmac leading to Rumpste. I pushed the bike to limits and enjoying every curve nature is throwing the way.

Reached Rumpste, had tea and after 3 days called back to home to inform that I am alive from an Army Phone Booth.

Now we have plenty of time to reach Leh, it was 11 in morning and Leh is just 90 Kms away. 

This day reached Leh and felt unburdened, I waited for this moment for 2 years and now Finally after the long wait and preparation. I REACHED LEH ! 


Day - 5 

Jispa - Pang

We started the day with excitement and headed to climb Bralacha La pass (4th Highest pass in the world).  

Stuck in traffic jam at Bralacha La for more than 3 hours and after complete test of our strength we managed to reach Pang (17200 ft) by the evening of 5th day.

I must say that this the most difficult day we had till now. Beautiful Scenery, Heavy Snow then Cold Desert and high speed wind and now we are at 17000 ft and oxygen level is less then 50%. 

Day - 4
Keylong to Jispa (50 kms)

Woke up with not so good news, it was raining that means it must be snowing uphill at Baralacha La.

DAY – 3
Manali – Keylong (115 Kms)

We left Manali around 10 a.m. As soon as we approached to Rohtang, beautiful sceneries I must say, snow covered mountains.

DAY – 1
Delhi – Theog (402 kms)

Now we are 3 riders “Shahnawaz Karim @shahnawazkarim (my colleague transformed into a good friend)” , “Rahil Akhtar @rap @Rahil_thor (My childhood friend, like a brother)” & “me (Javed Anwar)” . Everyone was full of spirit with the same dream. 

As per plan we left early morning to avoid traffic and for today we planned to reach Narkanda. In no time we reached Ambala (McD). 

This Travelogue is packed with DESIRE, disappointment, EMOTIONS & ACHIEAVEMENT.

It all started in 2008, after watching a Hindi flick “Heroes” starring Sohail Khan & Vatsal Seth. After watching them riding an avenger all the way to Punjab, Kashmir & Leh, I instantly made my decision to do this trip someday but due to lack of knowledge at that time I could not concentrate on this trip and got busy with initial struggle with my professional life till 2010.

In late 2010 I introduced to BCMT and I thank God for that day J, I was more inclined towards cars till then. Meanwhile I did Nanital, Shimla Jaipur on cars & trains. I wrote my first travelogue on BCMT in December 2010.

Celebrated New Year 2011 in Shimla with friends and after few months one of my friends asked me to do Leh in June 2011 as his 2 office colleagues for this trip approached him.

I said Yes without any calculations and the preparations begin, mean while lots of reading on BCMT happened. We all 4 guys decided to leave Delhi at 4th June 2011 after postponing it for 5 days due to Delhi – Manali roads blocked. 

But due to some official obligations I could not leave at 4th June, So I left alone and again postponed it to 14th June 2011. So now I am alone to do this trip, I coordinated with 2 college students coming from Mumbai in same dates but that also didn’t happened. We supposed to meet at Jammu on 15th and then proceed further.